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Tssu-48-12-HC Call for Pricing

Tssu-48-12-HC Call for Pricing

The True TSSU4812 sandwich and salad prep table features a rugged stainless steel front, top, and sides. The length of the cabinet's prep area is fitted with an 113⁄4-inch polyethylene cutting board to provide a clean and durable surface where employees can prepare orders and produce. Included with the purchase of the equipment are 12 sixth-size polycarbonate food pans. The included pans are 4 inches deep, but the equipment also accommodates 6-inch-deep pans.

Natural R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant makes the True TSSU4812 sandwich and salad prep table more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than older models. The unit's capillary tube system provides accurate recovery to maintain all held products between 33-41 degrees Fahrenheit. Electronically commutated evaporator and condenser fan motors offer improved energy efficiency and produce less heat than traditional motors.

Product Details

  • Includes 12 sixth-size, 4-in.-deep polycarbonate food pans
  • 113⁄4-in.-deep polyethylene cutting board runs the length of the equipment to provide a sanitary prep and cutting surface
  • Foam-insulated lid keeps products fresh when closed and minimizes condensation
  • R290 hydrocarbon is naturally occurring compound and an energy efficient alternative to man-made chemical refrigerants
  • Factory-balanced refrigeration system holds food within a safe temperature range of 33-41 degrees F
  • Electronically commutated motors power the equipment's condenser and evaporator coils, providing consistent airflow and improved energy efficiency compared to traditional technology
  • Service technicians can access condensing unit through the back of the cabinet to make service calls shorter and simpler
  • Cabinet is built with a rugged stainless steel top, front, and ends
  • Aluminum back matches the finish of stainless components
  • Interior is lined with sanitary, NSF-approved aluminum
  • Interior floor is made with heavy duty stainless steel and coved corners
  • Entire cabinet is insulated with polyurethane foam
  • 3-in. stem castors bring work surface to a 34-in. height
  • Includes 4 gray PVC-coated shelves with 4 chrome-plated clips each
  • Aluminum pilasters along equipment's interior allow shelves to be adjusted in 1⁄2-in. increments
  • 120 V/60 Hz/1 ph, 5.8 A, NEMA 5-15 plug and 11-ft. cord included
  • cULus, UL-EPH, and CE Listed
  • Overall Dimensions: 483⁄8 in. W x 301⁄8 in. D x 363⁄4 in. H (height does not include 4-in. casters)
  • Made in the United States