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Silver Screen Popcorn Machine With SS Stand

Silver Screen Popcorn Machine With SS Stand

11147 Silver Screen 14 14 oz. popper 120V 1760 14.7 297 24"w x19"d x36"h 85


The Silver Screen Professional Popcorn Machines are our most technically advanced models. These models incorporate a separate cabinet thermostat and temperature indicator. This Benchmark USA innovation allows you to accurately control the heat in the food zone ensuring that your popcorn is always at the perfect serving temperature. Each Silver Screen model has a stainless steel cabinet and food zone insuring years of durability.

The Silver Screen Poppers utilize a hard-coat anodized, high Thermal Mass Kettle for easy cleaning and superior performance. The four-switch configuration allows for any operating situation.

They are available in a space saving 8 ounce model and a high production 14 ounce model. Either model will work on a standard 15 amp circuit so that it can be used anywhere without any additional electrical wiring.

Optional stainless steel pedestal bases with heavy-duty casters and storage capabilities are available for either model.

  • Stainless Steel Cabinet & Food Zone
  • Three Year-Warranty
  • Thermostatically Controlled Serving Temperature
  • Four-Switch Operation
  • Operates on a 15 Amp Circuit
  • Optional Stainless Steel Pedestal Bases
  • Old Maid Drawer for Kernels
  • Anodized, High-Thermal Mass Kettles for Easy Cleaning and Superior Performance
  • Presentation Lamp for Interior Lighting


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