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Induction Fajita Skillet Heater

Induction Fajita Skillet Heater

Ssssss-izzling! fajitas served right on the skillet: presentation at its best just got even better with Vollrath's fajita induction ranges.



  • Simple one-touch operation produces perfect results in record time, every time
  • Ranges will work with the two standard fajita pan styles and will heat room temperature pans to proper sizzle temperatures*
  • Ultra Fajita Heater - Three PreSet -Setting 1: 80 seconds, 450-550°F -Setting 2: 30 Seconds, 300-350°F -Setting 3: 60 Seconds, 400-500°F -3000-3500 watts power
  • *Note: These units are specifically designed for heating skillets to sizzle temperatures from room temperature, where the skillets are heated, then finished foods are plated and oil/water is added to create the fajita sizzle effect. They are not designed for use in other applications or to directly cook the food.Made in the USA
  • Multi-sensor solid-state controls with digital display
  • Three push-button pre-programmed heating settings for easy of operation and cleaning
  • Setting 1 heats a pan from room temperature to 450°F - 550°F (232°C - 287°C) in 80 seconds
  • Setting 2 heats a pan from room temperature to 300°F - 350°F (148°C - 176°C) in 30 seconds
  • Setting 3 heats a pan from room temperature to 400°F - 500°F (204°C - 260°C) in 60 seconds
  • Firewall control protection
  • Commercial high-flow fan for extra durability
  • Over-heat protection
  • Small-article detection
  • Pan auto-detection function
  • 90% efficiency rating
  • Sloped control panel for runoff of liquid spills
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping of appliance
  • Unit comes with cord and plug and does not require hard wiring


    Product Dimensions: (convert to fractions)

  • Left to Right: 15.88 Inches
  • Front to Back: 18.5 Inches
  • Height: 5.75 Inches
  • Vollrath Warranty:

    2 Year Parts & Labor