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Turbo Air TCDD-36-2-H 36" White Curved Glass Refrigerated Deli Case

Turbo Air TCDD-36-2-H 36" White Curved Glass Refrigerated Deli Case

Store and display your patrons' favorite deli salads, specialty meats and cheeses, and other cold foods with this Turbo Air TCDD-36-2-H 36" white curved glass refrigerated deli case! This contemporary, curved glass case keeps contents at safe holding temperatures between 33-41 degrees Fahrenheit while helping to increase impulse sales by providing an attractive presentation.

Its 1/3 hp gravity coil refrigeration system does not use fans to move the air inside the case. By eliminating air movement, there is no cold air blowing constantly across your food which means that your deli products won't dry out as quickly! This ensures that you can always serve your food at its best. 

This unit also uses Turbo Air's revolutionary self-cleaning condenser system, which automatically cleans the condenser by moving a rotating brush up and down across its surface 2-3 times per day. Not only does this process eliminate the need for your employees to manually clean the condenser every few weeks, but it prevents dust from building up on the coils. In turn, this reduces the stress on the compressor and the risk of it breaking down, resulting in fewer maintenance calls and higher overall energy efficiency. 

Boasting 10.2 cu. ft. of storage, this model's two adjustable polyethylene-coated cantilevered shelves are tilted so that your customers can easily see the products you are displaying. In addition, the sliding rear doors and easy-to-use control panel allow you to store a variety of products and control the interior temperature with ease! High-density polyurethane insulation helps maintain temperatures to conserve energy while the safety shielded interior fluorescent light illuminates products to showcase your fresh and tempting offerings!

The cabinet features a stainless steel floor and air flow grille for durability. It requires a 115V electrical connection for operation. 

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 36 1/2"
Depth: 30"
Height: 50 1/8"

Interior Dimensions:
Width: 33 1/4"
Depth: 24"
Height: 23 5/8"
Capacity: 10.2 cu. ft.